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About Preceptos

About Preceptos

Preceptos is a lower mid-market buyout fund employing a serial roll-up strategy. The fund builds integrated verticals across a number of industry silos with a view of capturing the benefits of concentration, scale and diversification. In addition, verticals are run concurrently based on the industry and macro-economic characteristics. Preceptos is seeking to build onto or into its consolidated earnings stream.

Investment Thesis

Investment Thesis

Preceptos combines leading edge, proprietary business intelligence driven integration, monitoring and continuous improvement, in partnership with our operating partners to improve overall earnings quality and margin resilience.



EquiONE is a proprietary software and operational framework that provides the platform for good companies to become great companies. The focus is on businesses constantly improving performance. It is never ending. It is not a project. It is the fabric and new normal of how the businesses function. In conjunction with software driven oversight and KPI systems, EquiONE allows quick and cost effective integration of acquisitions and then provides the tools to enhance profitability.

Industrial, Environmental, Distribution
Canada Wide
  • Accredited investor only (documents available on request)
  • Accredited investor only (documents available on request)

Investment Team

Stephen Johnston

Barclay Laughland

Matt Barr

Kerri Furlong

Chad Dundas

Harold Kunik