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Veripath Welcomes Aligned Capital and Echelon Wealth as Capital Raising Partners

Veripath Farmland Partners is pleased to announce that both of its farmland funds have been approved at Aligned Capital Partners and Echelon Wealth Partners. “We’re excited to welcome both firms as capital raising partners as we respond to the growing demand for our unique investment strategy,” said Carmon Blacklock Vice President Investments and Operations.

Veripath Farmland Partners operates on the conviction that worldwide demand for the agricultural products used for food, feed, and fuel makes farmland an excellent long-term investment and that compelling valuation discounts are present in the Canadian market. In addition, Canadian farmland has demonstrated a strong historic capability of hedging both inflationary and stagflationary economic climates.

Veripath operates as a pair of funds – Veripath Farmland LP, which is structured to own farmland in Saskatchewan and Manitoba only; and Veripath Farmland (UR) LP, which is structured to own farmland across the rest of the country. By having two separate vehicles, Veripath simplifies and streamlines compliance with the various provincial regulatory environments.

The funds also have open-ended, evergreen structures, rather than the traditional fixed term. With this approach, Veripath allows shorter- and longer-duration holdings to exist side-by-side, enabling investors, rather than management, to make the decision as to what holding period best fits their portfolio design requirements.

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Who is Veripath: Veripath is a Canadian alternative investment firm. Members of Veripath’s management team have decades of farmland, private equity, and private credit investment experience. Veripath implements its farmland strategy in a way that seeks to preserve as far as possible farmland’s low-volatility return profile – the attribute that generates a material portion of Canadian farmland’s superior risk adjusted returns. Veripath does this by seeking to minimize operational, weather, geographic and business-related risks – and capture the pure return from land appreciation. Canadian zero-til farmland portfolios may also be a useful addition to ESG driven mandates combining superior risk adjusted returns with environmental benefits. For more information on Veripath please feel free to register online at or call 587-390-8267.

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